10 y.o. girl swallows trumpet. News at 11


rickolsen: My cole slaw is gone. I've got half the Greek pasta salad and potato salad left. I'm not supposed to eat pasta or potatoes, but my doctor said I can eat them in moderation. When you are diabetic you can't eat anything good or cheap. I eat what I want. Feb 1, 2020 19:21:08 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: My cats are all sleeping. Phoenix and Sampson are in on my bed. Brandie is on the loveseat here in the livingroom with me. I'm watching football and munching corn chips. If you like corn chips get Great Value corn chips at Walmart. They are really good. Feb 3, 2020 0:29:55 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: It is 10:00 am. My cats are all sleeping. Phoenix and Sampson are in on my bed. Brandie is on the love seat. I didn't give them gravy dinner because they didn't ask for it. When they do I will give it to them. I'm watching football. Feb 3, 2020 10:02:55 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: I just gave my cats some gravy dinner. Prime filet chicken. They like that kind. They are gobbling it down. They will be sleeping soon. I'm watching football. Feb 5, 2020 3:02:25 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: Brandie is sleeping on the love seat. Phoenix and Sampson are sleeping in on my bed. I'm watching football. Almost all of our snow is melted away. Feb 7, 2020 10:18:07 GMT -5
rickolsen: My brother died yesterday. We weren't close. Now I'm the only son of 4 left. All 3 of my cats are on my desk. They came to see me. Feb 10, 2020 16:54:26 GMT -5
Willyiam: May your Brother RIP!! Feb 14, 2020 8:31:08 GMT -5
rickolsen: Thanks. I haven't seen, or spoken to my brother since my biological mother's funeral in 2009. I was adopted and didn't meet my biological family until 20 years ago when I was 44. We were never close. I see my biological father once in awhile. Feb 18, 2020 18:32:02 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: One of my sisters found me. I didn't go looking for them. My cats are all sleeping. I'm watching football, and I'm hungry, so I'm making a big pot of stew. Of course it has mushrooms and lots of garlic. Feb 18, 2020 18:37:03 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: My stew is so good I wish I could share it with you. I'm glad Agog suggested I cook my own food. I'm a good cook, it's cheaper, tastes better, and it's better for you. I love to cook so it works out perfectly. Feb 18, 2020 18:55:35 GMT -5
rickolsen: I would cook for my cats, but they need cat food from the store. It has all the minerals and nutrients they need including taurin for good health. You should resist the temptation to feed your cat or dog people food. Give them the pet food they need. Feb 18, 2020 19:05:10 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: All 3 of my cats are in the livingroom with me. Brandie is on the loveseat. Phoenix is on the arm of the arm chair and Sampson is on the couch. Today is trash day. I have to run a few errands and then I'm going to put out my trash. Feb 19, 2020 7:45:25 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: I just gave my cats some gravy dinner. Chicken, turkey, casserole. They like it. They will be sleeping soon. Feb 20, 2020 22:20:20 GMT -5
nipper: So Jackie's part in Disney dream weddings will air this coming Friday I believe on Disney + channel. Does anyone have that channel? I believe it is an streaming channel! Feb 23, 2020 8:45:31 GMT -5
nipper: Does anyone have a hunch on what the exciting collaboration Jackie talked about last month that will happen this year? Feb 23, 2020 8:46:56 GMT -5
johnnyb: Sorry Nipper, Jackie fans have left the building, head over to Jackie Amazon if you want to have a conversation or find some news on Jackie's career. Unfortunately Rick has lost interest in Jackie and now only wants to talk about his cats. 😺 Feb 23, 2020 14:27:13 GMT -5
nipper: I see that. As an Ice breaker should I talk about my cat who died in October? Feb 23, 2020 20:54:02 GMT -5
jamesn: Sounds like a good idea - at least it would be different! Feb 25, 2020 17:18:48 GMT -5
jamesn: Or maybe I should talk about the really nifty 100-year-old WW I trench knife I just received in the mail! Feb 25, 2020 17:20:21 GMT -5 *
jamesn: Seriously, I'm hoping Bastet posts a review/account of Jackie's upcoming Colorado concert. I haven't been to one since last February in Lufkin, TX. Feb 25, 2020 17:23:21 GMT -5 *