rickolsen: A few hours ago my cats were on my bed. They went into the kitchen. They wanted gravy dinner so I gave them some. I saw I only had 3 cans left so I went to Walmart. They were all sleeping when I left. Brandie woke up when I got back. She is still awake. Dec 2, 2019 19:48:55 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: My cats just went into the kitchen. They wanted more gravy dinner. I gave them salmon pate extra gravy. They like that kind. I split one can between them. That way they eat it all and it doesn't set there and get crusty. Dec 2, 2019 20:13:26 GMT -5
rickolsen: When I went to Walmart to get gravy dinner for my cats I got some Granny Smith apples for me. I love Granny Smith apples. I have always preferred sour to sweet. Dec 2, 2019 20:28:26 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: Well, their gravy dinner knocked them out again. Phoenix is sleeping on the couch. Sampson is in on my bed. Brandie is sleeping on my computer. I am watching football. All is well with my world. Dec 2, 2019 20:47:55 GMT -5
rickolsen: I got paid today so I went to Walmart and got my cats their favorite dry food. Walmart didn't have tangerines so I went to Meijer. They had 2 lb bags of tangerines, 2 for $5, so I got 2 bags. I love tangerines. You can only get them this time of year. Dec 3, 2019 9:05:30 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: These tangerines aren't really tangerines. They were mis-labled. They are really mandarin oranges. I like those too, but I like tangerines better. Some people say they are the same thing, but for me tangerines taste different. Dec 3, 2019 14:42:50 GMT -5
rickolsen: My cats asked me for gravy dinner 45 minutes ago so I gave them some. Phoenix and Sampson are sleeping on the couch. Brandie is eating dry dinner on my desk. She will be sleeping soon. I'm watching football. I watch a lot of football 'cause I like it. Dec 4, 2019 0:08:56 GMT -5
rickolsen: Now Brandie is sleeping on my bed so all of my babies are sleeping. I'm watching Super Bowl 46. The Giants beat the Patriots for the second time in a Super Bowl. It's a great game. Dec 4, 2019 0:41:57 GMT -5
rickolsen: I'm going to have bacon and eggs for breakfast. Do you like bacon and eggs? I cook my eggs over easy. I don't eat toast. Today is trash day and I'm going to take out my trash as soon as it gets light out. We don't have much snow so it will be easy. Dec 4, 2019 7:06:08 GMT -5
rickolsen: I told you my car was in the shop. I had both rear brake lines completely replaced. My brakes work good now. I took my car to Muffler Man. They do mufflers, brakes, and shocks. I've been going there for 20 years. They do all my muffler and brake work. Dec 4, 2019 7:11:26 GMT -5
rickolsen: I enjoyed my breakfast. I like my bacon cooked midway between raw and crispy. It was perfect and I didn't break any eggs. Phoenix licked the yolk off my plate. I leave it for her. I got my trash out so I'm doing well today. Dec 4, 2019 8:49:31 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: I didn't hear the trash truck. I was sleeping. I woke up at quarter to 4:00. He must have come on time. I went out and brought my container back up to my house. It was trying to snow a little bit. Dec 4, 2019 17:18:14 GMT -5
rickolsen: I forgot. Muffler Man also does oil changes. They are the cheapest place in town for an oil change and they do a good job. They change my oil too. Both of my rear brake lines were leaking. The pedal went to the floor. Muffler Man came to my rescue. Dec 4, 2019 17:43:00 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: Actually, both lines weren't leaking. Duane told me the left line was leaking badly and the right line would be leaking soon so I had him replace both. Duane is an honest man and I trust him. Duane is the manager. I always deal directly with him. Dec 4, 2019 17:51:34 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: I just gave my cats some gravy dinner for breakfast. Phoenix and Sampson are in on my bed. Brandie is on my computer. I'm watching Super Bowl 42 and I'm making bacon and eggs. It's going to be a good day. Dec 6, 2019 4:55:36 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: This is unusual. Phoenix and Sampson are both on the back of the couch instead of on the seat. Brandie is on my computer. Sampson is sleeping, but the other two are awake. They will be asking for gravy dinner soon. I will give them some. Dec 7, 2019 5:16:17 GMT -5
rickolsen: My cats just went into the kitchen and asked for gravy dinner. I told you they would. I gave them extra gravy chicken. They really like that kind. They are gobbling it down. Then they will all go to sleep. Dec 7, 2019 5:25:44 GMT -5
rickolsen: Just like I said all 3 of my cats are sleeping now. Phoenix is on the couch. Sampson is in on my bed and Brandie is on my computer. It's amazing how that gravy dinner knocks them out. It never fails. They always go to sleep right after they eat it. Dec 7, 2019 5:59:19 GMT -5
rickolsen: Sampson just went into my bedroom so he's on my bed. Phoenix is either on my bed or on my dresser. I keep a blanket on the dresser for her. She was up there earlier this morning. Brandie is on my computer. Phoenix is on my bed with Sampson. I looked. Dec 7, 2019 12:20:12 GMT -5 *
rickolsen: There was a cat outside my livingroom window yesterday. Sampson went nuts. He didn't tear down the curtain this time, but he was hissing and clawing the window. I was afraid he would break it. Phoenix was hissing at Sampson. He calmed down eventually. Dec 8, 2019 8:57:01 GMT -5